music! Another Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

music!  Another Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

Back to the time when the music was still tailor-made rather than the computer-generated vomit whine and cat whine of five young Koreans from Busan. And it’s just contemporary music! Incredible: Neil Young and Crazy Horse are another new hit, even though it’s marketed as Molina, Talbot, Lovegren & Young. Ten numbers. The first song You’ll Never Know (above) comes from guitarist Nils Lofgren and the only song from the master himself is an acoustic version of The Sirens’ massive hit (below), previously released on Barn. Anyway, we got from Grandpa Young in fairly short order, so Barn (Buy), Toast, the legendary concert reissue, World recordsthat blast and suddenly go again the addressAlong with Stephen Stills. You just have to take this nonsense about dead trees and raccoons, because man is such a phenomenon that it just doesn’t get made anymore these days. More new music again – after the click.

City and Color (singer-songwriter)

Puscifer (a project from this guy from TOOL)

Mighty Poplar (Americana)

preachers bar stool (punk)

LORDI (Eurovision Freaks)

samyam (punk)

Peter Case (singer-songwriter)

zombie (unconventional)

rotten voice (kernel grinding)

Conway the Machine (hip hop)

100 seconds of mystic (cool)

Bury Tomorrow (Metalheart)

The New Pornographers (indie)

nothing, no place (emo)

Deerhoof (noise, blur)

James Holden (Coffee House Dance)

lies (disco stuff)

DMAs (House Rock Coffee)

Larry John (hip-hop)

Boygenius (indie coffee house)

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