Actor Lance Reddick (The Wire, John Wick) has passed away

Actor Lance Reddick (The Wire, John Wick) has passed away
Lance Reddick

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American actor Lance Reddick has passed away at the age of 60. His administration reported that he died this morning of natural causes.

Riddick has often played villainous, icy, and intense authority figures. Best known for the HBO series the wire and action movie series John Wick. He has also acted in other hit series like margin And OZ.

He also played the character Sylens in Dutch PlayStation games Horizon Zero Dawn And Horizon Forbidden West. These games are the largest Dutch media production ever.

in the wire He played Baltimore’s narcotics chief, Cedric Daniels. Wendell Pierce, one of his co-stars on the series, paid tribute to him on Twitter. He writes: “A man of immense strength and elegance. A talented musician as an actor, an example of class.” He described his death as “unimaginable suffering for his family and loved ones.”

Television producer David Simon who the wire Created, he calls Reddick “a consummate professional, loyal collaborator, and a kind, gentle man.”

His other major role was as Sharon, the Continental Hotel concierge in the action movie series John Wick. This hotel was a base for the killers that John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) was a part of. The fourth part of the series can be seen in cinemas starting next week.

Lead actor Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski said the final film would be dedicated to Riddick. They say they are “heartbroken” by the loss.

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