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It looks like Google is working on a Video Unblur feature for the Photos app, the icon appears in that app. The feature should make it possible to polish videos. The feature may be specific to the Pixel 8 series. Google previously created the Photo Unblur feature for Pixel 7 phones.

9to5Google ran into a hidden gem For the Video Unblur feature in the Google Photos app. Enables the website to force this user interface to be enabled. However, the feature, which is still under development, doesn’t seem to have any noticeable impact yet. Upon release, the feature will allow users to sharpen blurry videos, likely using machine learning. The feature should become available under Tools when users edit a video in the Photos app.

The tech site speculates that the feature will be available exclusively to Pixel phones, though it isn’t specifically mentioned in the code. The feature could then be introduced with the release of Google’s Pixel 8 series, which appeared recently. The tech giant previously created the Photo Unblur feature. It was released with the Pixel 7 series and uses the Tensor G2 soc in those phones to sharpen images. Photo Unblur is still available exclusively for the Pixel 7 series. Video Unblur will make this same feature available for videos, and it’s also supposed to be exclusive to the Pixel.

Moreover, Google is said to be working on new overlay effects for videos. Indicators of this are found in the Photos app. There are fourteen such effects hidden in the app, although they are not usable yet. Effects appear under Overlays at release when users edit a video in Google Photos.

Video Noise Cancellation in Google Photos. source: 9to5Google

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