Municipalities concerned about switching to Gazprom | the interior

Municipalities concerned about switching to Gazprom |  the interior

In April, Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Gettin announced that Gazprom-affiliated municipalities had until October 10 to switch between gas suppliers. The Federation of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) hopes the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate can help with this. However, the ministry says this is not its job.

Municipalities in the survey say they often work together to find a new gas supplier. The Frisian municipalities of Achtkarspelen and Tytsjerksteradiel criticize the minister. “What the minister did not want is how we will pay the price difference between 18 cents and 3 euros,” a ministry spokesman said. The Frisian authorities unite in the Frieslan Cooperative (OVEF) for Public Lighting and Energy.

The municipality of Hilversum also points out that the current high gas prices are a problem. In addition, there are a few commercial suppliers,” says a company spokesperson. The speed with which a new gas supplier must be found is also a cause for concern.


The municipality of The Hague says in a letter to the city council that there is still a risk that other gas suppliers will not register for the bid. As a result, there is no insurance for gas supplies as of October 2022, according to the council. However, the municipality is still committed to the gas guarantee.

Most municipalities say that residents will not notice the gas price hike. Nieuwegein says it will include the additional costs in the budget. It is still not clear what citizens will notice.” A Brummen municipality spokesperson stated that higher prices ultimately have consequences for residents. “Our energy costs increase four to five times with a new contract,” according to Gelderland municipality.

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Roermond municipality says the contract will expire in December this year. You’ve already found a new gas resource: Vattenfall. Since the municipality of Limburg wants to avoid additional costs, it hopes to be able to terminate the contract with Gazprom until the end of the year. As costs go up, entrance fees to the pool and municipal museum may go up.

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