Celebration and Criticism: The Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show Ends Today

Celebration and Criticism: The Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show Ends Today

After nineteen seasons and over 3000 episodes, today will be the last The The Ellen DeGeneres Show BroadcastingTalk show actress, model and comedian DeGeneres has won dozens of Daytime Emmys and People’s Choice Awards. It was also the first afternoon show with an openly gay host. But in recent years, DeGeneres has also come under fire.

Viewers of the show have received an outpouring of positivity and glee for nearly two decades, with dancer DeGeneres drawing audiences to the show, awarding awards, and spirited conversations with celebrities.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show It was one of the most-watched afternoon shows in the United States, making DeGeneres one of the highest-paid television personalities in the United States. I’ve earned over 50 million dollars every year.

I learned from the events

But it also turns out that the sweet DeGeneres Empire has a dark side In 2020, it emerged that behind the scenes of the talk show there will be racism, intimidation, and a sick atmosphere.

In January 2020, Dutch YouTube star Niki de Jäger debuted Guest on DeGeneres talk show To talk about seeing her as a transgender. Then I looked too With a little fun Back to performance. This was not what DeGeneres had previously imagined.

As a result of criticism, several producers were fired and the talk show host was introduced her apologies at. DeGeneres later said that while these issues have left their mark, the decision to stop the show has nothing to do with them. “It broke my heart when I heard that people were injured,” she said. “But if the fuss had been the reason for stopping the program, I would have stopped sooner.”

“Yes I’m gay”

DeGeneres has emerged as an influential figure for the LGBT community. On April 30, 1997, ABC broadcast “The Puppy Episode” of the sitcom Elaine Where the protagonist Ellen Morgan – played by DeGeneres – inadvertently appears too loud.

Exit scene:

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