United States and Germany: More gas from the Groningen

United States and Germany: More gas from the Groningen
United States and Germany: More gas from the Groningen

Pressure is mounting on the Netherlands to supply more natural gas from the Groningen. Of course when Russia turns off the gas pipeline to Europe, more gas will have to come from the Groningen.

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Various media outlets have reported today that the United States and Germany are increasing pressure on the Netherlands to extract more gas from the Groningen. General newspaper And Informed circles

Today, German Chancellor Olav Scholes visits the Netherlands and holds consultations with Prime Minister Rudd. Energy supply to Europe and the role of the Netherlands in this will be discussed.

The Dutch government has repeatedly stated that it is committed to shutting down a gas pipeline in Groningen.

Last month, Secretary of State Vijlbrief announced that Dutch industry could rise or fall, but he said at the time that he was sticking to the policy of shutting down gas pipelines in the Groningen. RTV North.

A poll has shown that the majority of Groningen’s population is willing to allow gas extraction in the event of major power outages in Europe due to the war in Ukraine. Many in Groningen, however, believe that better claims should be handled with less bureaucracy.

Rene Peters, a gas expert at TNO, points out that Germany simply cannot say ‘give the Netherlands some more gas’. But in the event of serious supply problems, the Netherlands will be bound by solidarity agreements and the Netherlands will inevitably supply more gas.

(Photo above: Gas extraction. Photo province Groningen).

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