Morocco no longer requires travelers to prove negative for a corona test now

Morocco no longer requires travelers to prove negative for a corona test now

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the North African country’s government said that travelers to Morocco will no longer have to hand in proof of a negative coronavirus test result. A certificate of vaccination must be presented.

Corona measures have not been activated in the country for some time, although they can be quickly reintroduced through a special emergency law.

Previously, all air travelers aged seven years or older were required to submit a negative PCR result, which was no more than two days old. Then an antigen test was performed at the airport. If travelers come by boat, the test result is allowed to be three days old.

The vaccination certificate and health certificate remain mandatory for the time being. The vaccination certificate is valid in Morocco if the last shot of the initial vaccination – not the booster or repeat vaccination – is at least two weeks old.

Corona Digital Certificate, or Corona European passport, is now valid in Morocco. Previously, all necessary documents had to be printed and taken on paper, but according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the QR code in the CoronaCheck app is now accepted there as well. Often a yellow booklet is sufficient as evidence of vaccination.

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