US eases series of sanctions against Cuba | Abroad

US eases series of sanctions against Cuba |  Abroad

The United States announced Monday that it was easing restrictions imposed during the administration of former President Donald Trump. These include restrictions on immigration procedures, money transfers and air links.

“The Cuban people are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, and our policies will continue to empower Cuba to create a future free of repression and economic suffering,” the State Department said in a statement.

US President Joe Biden’s administration is resuming plans to ease immigration procedures for single-family members. He will also raise the ceilings that restrict money transfers to Cuba. Finally, there will be more flights between Cuba and the United States, and will serve cities other than Havana.

These are the biggest changes in US policy on Cuba since Biden became US president in 2021. The ministry also stressed that the United States does not want to remove anyone from the blacklist for Cuba. It lists companies affiliated with the Cuban government and military, and says Americans are not allowed to do business.

Cuba immediately spoke of “a small step in the right direction, but with limited intent.”

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