‘More than 6,000 civilians dead since war began’ • US wants UN probe into Iranian drones

'More than 6,000 civilians dead since war began' • US wants UN probe into Iranian drones

More than 6,000 civilians have died since the war began

More than 6,000 civilians have been killed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The United Nations Human Rights Commission has stated this. The number could be higher, Rosemary DeCarlo, the undersecretary for politics and peacebuilding, told a United Nations Security Council meeting.

In addition to the 6322 civilian deaths, at least 9634 civilians have been injured since the fighting began on 24 February. At least 397 children have died as a result of the war.

The UN has also discussed the consequences of destroying energy infrastructure. Combined with high gas prices, this could lead to life-threatening conditions this coming winter.


UN on Ukraine

US: Diplomacy only if Russian aggression stops

The U.S. sees no chance of negotiating with Russia as long as the country continues its war against Ukraine. “As for diplomacy to end the war, it depends on whether Russia is interested in stopping the aggression that it has started,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in Washington.

At the same time, Blinken made it clear that the United States is keeping channels of communication with Russia open. “If we have something important to say to the Russians, we will.”

“They will not break the will of the Ukrainian people,” Blinken said of the drone attacks on civilian infrastructure. “Moscow can turn off the lights in Ukraine, but not the Ukrainian spirit.”

US wants UN to investigate Iran’s use of drones in Ukraine

UN to investigate whether Russia used Iranian drones in war against Ukraine The US has called the Security Council. America has believed this for a long time. The Russians will receive help from the Iranians when they deploy Iranian drones against Ukraine. The drones will be controlled from military bases in Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014, with the help of Iranian troops.

“The UN must investigate violations of UN Security Council resolutions. Russia or others must not be allowed to prevent or threaten the UN from fulfilling its mandated responsibilities,” US Ambassador Richard Mills told a Security Council meeting in New York City. .

Russia’s ambassador to the UN said the drones were Russian and that the investigation violated the UN Charter and would seriously damage relations between Russia and the UN.

Besides the US, France, Germany and the UK have backed calls for UN chief Guterres to send a UN team to Ukraine to find out where the drones are coming from.

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