Extremists are not welcome, average groups are on the streets of Germany

Extremists are not welcome, average groups are on the streets of Germany


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  • Job Auerbach

    Berlin office editor

  • Job Auerbach

    Berlin office editor

Three support packages totaling 125 billion euros for tax cuts and more recently another 200 billion euros to combat the energy crisis: Despite the German government’s attempts to help citizens and businesses during the crisis, discontent is growing among parts of the population.

Two weeks ago, 10,000 people took part in an AfD rally. Last Monday, several thousand people demonstrated in different cities in the former German Democratic Republic. These protests also include extremist movements, especially right-wing extremists. Germans who do not feel at home with these protests are now bringing their own demonstrations.

Also working group Vereen Compact, which holds movements in six cities today. The organization expects the participation of at least 20,000 people.

Monday night demonstrations

It is not without reason that the organization demonstrates on Saturday. A large part of the demonstrations are taking place in Germany on Monday evening. so called Assembly demonstrations It has historical roots. In the fall of 1989, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in the German Democratic Republic on Mondays for democracy and freedom of travel.

Some groups now, more than thirty years later, use this date for other things. Internal Security Services warned at the end of August that extremist groups might use discontent for their own ends during the fall and winter.

Not with extremism

“We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and explicitly distance ourselves from the far right and the extreme left, who are waving Russian flags,” said spokeswoman Maria Henk Van. Vereen Compact. “That’s why we’re demonstrating on Saturday instead of Monday.”

According to the activist, the vast majority of protesters feel nothing about the radical right or left. “This group is concerned about rising energy and food prices and wants to demonstrate against it.”

autumn protest

In Germany, several organizations have indicated that they will appear a lot and fanatical in the coming months. They themselves call it “hot autumn”. The head of the security services does not see a “hot autumn” yet and so far talks about a “light breeze”.

Vereen Compact Positive approach is preferred. Instead of ‘hot autumn’, we prefer to speak of ‘autumn of solidarity’. In addition to price hikes, the Action Group is demonstrating against hate campaigns and defamation, for fairer taxes and climate protection.

When asked what the organization does in the event of protesters from the far right and far left, Henk said: “We are ready for such scenarios. We have a special de-escalation team. They are interested, for example, with fascist symbols and Russian flags. Team members will kindly ask these people Departure “.

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