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Cloud security company Zscaler reported that an internet cable was destroyed on Wednesday evening, causing Internet connectivity problems around the world. In the North Sea, another cable broke at about the same time, although it did not appear to have anything to do with each other.

Wednesday evening Zscaler reported That the internet cable was cut north of Marseille, disrupting three submarine communications. It will be one of the largest internet centers in the world. Communications with Lyon, Milan and Barcelona were cut from Marseille, making the company worldwide packet loss and detected delays in clients.

Internet connection redirection has helped mitigate some of the impact on global Internet traffic. On the other hand, repairmen have not been able to get direct access to the broken cables because the local police are still investigating the accident. On Thursday afternoon, any inconvenience caused by the cable outage was once again addressed. CEO of Zscaler He mentions the incident on LinkedIn “Sabotage” and “man-made disaster” due to the global impact on Internet traffic.

About half a day later, there was a second incident involving internet cables. Northern Scotland, the Shetland Islands internet was cut off due to a broken undersea internet cable, According to the BBC. As a result, emergency services were from the island group Temporarily hard to reach Internet traffic to the mainland has been disrupted.

The coincidence of the two incidents and similarities with previous sabotage of North Stream pipelines quickly led to speculation that Russian submarines may have sabotaged internet cables. On the other hand, the Marseille incident occurred on the mainland. According to the English newspaper, the accident in the Shetland Islands is also the result of a collision with a fishing boat; The boat had damaged the internet cable in question several times. Zscaler himself has so far given no indication that this is politically motivated sabotage.

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