More than 50,000 Haitian citizens living in DR have received an identity from their country

Santo Domingo, R.D.

At least 55,000 Haitian citizens have obtained their personal and electoral identity cards from their country, which will allow them to participate in elections and polls in the western part of the island.

“This service is free of charge for the applicant of the document (which is free) to carry out their legal proceedings with the passport and vote in the June 2021 referendum on changing the constitution (postponed by Govt.) In the presidential and parliamentary elections on September 19, 2021. The second round, if necessary, in conjunction with the municipal and local elections in November. It will take place on the 21st, ”the Haitian embassy in Santo Domingo said in a statement.

The company points out that they receive 400 to 500 applications daily (between Monday and Friday) from Haitian residents who wish to register. This process is free and is intended for legal residents of the Dominican Republic only.

The distribution of completed identity cards to identify Haitians takes place on weekends, at embassy headquarters or at different embassies.

Similarly, they confirm that the accreditation program is funded only by the government of the Republic of Haiti, and that the state has provided electronic devices for obtaining biometric data from residents.

They also note that the embassy, ​​with its own funds, includes the costs of paying the contract staff working on the process and its logistics.

At this time, the embassy did not measure the investment in the documentation project.

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