More bodies found in Kenya’s hunger cult investigation

More bodies found in Kenya's hunger cult investigation
Authorities are investigating the discovery of the bodies

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More bodies of suspected victims of a Christian community leader have been found in eastern Kenya. So far, 47 bodies have been found, up from 26 yesterday when authorities first tracked down the makeshift graves. Among the dead were several children.

The bodies were dumped in a forest near the town of Malindi. It was found after information about recent deaths in the sect.

According to local authorities, there are dozens of temporary graves at the site. In one of the graves lie the bodies of an entire family, BBC reports. It is about three children and their parents.

Police expect to find more bodies in the near future. According to the Home Minister, the entire forest has been closed due to the investigation.


The site is owned by Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, who leads the so-called Good News International Church. Kenyan state television describes him as a cult leader.

The man was arrested earlier this month after 15 hungry people were found in a building belonging to the sect. Four of them died shortly after the discovery. Allegedly, the four starved themselves on the instructions of Nthingi, who insisted that they would approach Jesus in this way.

Nthingi is still being held and is on a hunger strike in his cell. He had been arrested twice before, in 2019 and last month. His detention in March was linked to the deaths of several children whose parents Nthingi had encouraged to starve the young.

Nthingi was released on bail each time. Local politicians have now urged the court not to release him again.

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