A large group of armed men attacks a gold field in Suriname | outside

A large group of armed men attacks a gold field in Suriname |  outside

A group of 28 men armed with pistols and automatic rifles attacked 6 employees at a gold field in Suriname on Wednesday. This was reported by the Surinamese news site Waterkant. The attack took place near the village of Gudu-Olu, in the east of the country. It has been unsettled for some time in regions of Suriname that are rich in natural resources, such as wood, gold, and other minerals.

Sea front I spoke to the excavator driver, who was one of the six victims of the armed attack on Jodo-Olu. “They shot me, but fortunately I was not injured. I was abused and I feel pain all over my body.”

According to Waterkant, the reason for the attack was local residents’ dissatisfaction with the permits issued by the government, which allow logging and gold mining. According to Surinamese media, the indigenous people have been complaining for years that third parties, mostly people and companies from the capital Paramaribo, are getting basic rights and mining concessions from the government to exploit the natural resources in their habitats. According to them, this is happening without consulting them as local residents. The indigenous people of Suriname are a very small and marginalized group in Suriname.

At the beginning of May, in an area around the village of Bikin Saron, about 60 kilometers southwest of the capital, Paramaribo, staff of the Stichting Bosbeheer en Bostoezicht (SBB) were also abused and taken hostage. In addition, their cars were stolen. Truck drivers and employees of the Surinamese mining company Grasalco were also taken hostage. The newspaper said the perpetrators shot dead officers at a police checkpoint in Beijing Sarun and set fire to the site. real time. The army and police released the hostages on the same day. Marybaston, not far from Pekin Saron, was also unstable at that time.

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