Monday’s posts about Hogwarts Legacy, Fallout 4, and traveling to Japan

Monday's posts about Hogwarts Legacy, Fallout 4, and traveling to Japan

It’s Monday and you know what that means; A new work or school week for most people and a brand new version of the Monday speech. A question packed with breaking questions, a look back at this past weekend and a lot of fun. A video in which we try to relieve the suffering of a whole week of strikes at school, office or workplace. Boris, Jasper and Kos are ready to start the week. As always, they will answer a lot of questions. Questions received via email, Discord, and questions asked in chat. You will see and hear the answers in the letter Monday, January 30, 2023.

Monday’s message about traveling to Japan

Questions, questions, questions. That’s what this section is about. For example, someone wants to know where it’s a bit cool when you go to Japan. We’ve been there a few times, so who knows, we might have some good advice. There is a question about Fallout 4. The author in question is playing the game again and enjoying it to the fullest. If we could erase a certain game show from our memory and then play it again, what game would it be? Interesting question that we hope will yield some great answers.

What game would we like to erase from our memory in order to play it again?

Another member of the community wants to know what job we would lose if there was no electricity and we couldn’t play games, let alone run a website? Is there anything left? The three gentlemen think and give their answer. Anyone want to know what the hell happened to EA BIG? The label placed by the publisher above the best sports games. Does this designation still exist, and if not, why is it no longer there? How high is the hype with us now? You can see and hear this and countless other questions in a new episode of Monday’s Message.

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