Leo Bloches would love to work with Van Nieuwkerk again | Watch

Leo Bloches would love to work with Van Nieuwkerk again |  Watch

Pop music connoisseur Leo Bloches wants to make TV again with Matthijs van Nieuwkirk in the future, despite what has been revealed in De Volkskrant About the tantrums that the presenter had, according to his former colleagues, on the editorial staff The world is moving forward. Blokhuis worked with Van Nieuwkerk on Top 2000 Jojo. According to Blokhuis, Van Nieuwkerk was never guilty of wrongful conduct there.

, I did very well and inspired with Matthijs and I would like to do it again. But then it should work. Let’s just wait for the investigations and see what happens,” Ploches said on camera RTL Boulevard. He says in the same conversation that in his collaborations with Van Nieuwkerk he was never bothered by “experiences that turned up”.

By this he refers to revelations made by de Volkskrant, which are based on conversations with former employees of The world is moving forward He wrote that the presenter regularly attacks the program’s staff. As a result, dozens of employees fell ill, according to the newspaper.

more relaxed

But according to Bloches, working on TV shows around the Top 2000 was more relaxing than it is. The world is moving forward. “We made a completely different program out of that The world is moving forward used to be. We don’t have that daily stress. We worked on six releases for six months.

After the news, Van Nieuwkerk parted ways with broadcaster BNNVARA, with whom he had spent nearly fifteen years. The world continues to transform. News of the TV show’s working conditions prompted an investigation into the public broadcaster’s work culture. Hermann van der Zandt took over the role of Van Nieuwkerk in The Top 2000 Jojo.

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