Monday’s message about Starfield, “demise PlayStation,” and Kick

Monday's message about Starfield, "demise PlayStation," and Kick

It’s Monday, June 19, April 2023 and the sun is shining less mercilessly than last week. Which makes recording in the studio more bearable for us. But even if it’s around 43 degrees, we’re still doing our thing. We won’t leave all your pressing questions to you. must be answered. And that’s what we’re doing in this new version of Monday’s message. Daan, JJ & Koos form a colorful and experienced trio who have taken it upon themselves to answer all the questions. Questions about, among others starfield Playing without a PC or a beefy console, no demos today and a PlayStation that will stand with one foot in the grave. You will see and hear the answers in the letter Monday, June 19th.

Will Gamekings also switch to Kick?

And there are more questions. Much more for example, someone is wondering if and when we will now switch to Kick for streaming. After all, we can earn more there. How do we see that? What do you think about the disappearance of the famous cheat codes? Do we think it’s a big loss because they are no longer there and do we still have memories of some cheat code? The three gentlemen also ask themselves these questions and give, as always, clear answers.

Was this done with PlayStation?

It is also interesting to ask why Konami is no longer trying its best to make the best soccer ever? Did EA simply get too powerful and they gave it up or is there something else going on? And so there are some other questions. Sit back and tune in for an hour of chatting about the games and everything we were up to doing this past weekend.

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