UK Parliament still blocks Johnson’s resignation due to ‘gate party’ | outside

UK Parliament still blocks Johnson's resignation due to 'gate party' |  outside

Former MP and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still banned by the British Parliament. On Monday, they agreed on recommendations to investigate Johnson’s illegal parties at the time of Corona.

The investigation into the “Party Gate” scandal on Thursday found Johnson had “intentionally misled” Parliament with his statements about parties. He insisted that no rules were broken during closing parties.

Johnson also resigned from Parliament on the same day. In doing so, he avoided the 90-day suspension that Parliament has now approved. However, today’s vote has some consequences for the former prime minister: his entry permit to parliament will be revoked.

Of the 650 deputies, 354 voted in favor of the measures and seven against. Several Conservatives abstained from voting or did not attend the debate, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. He does not want to increase the conflict with fellow party member Johnson, because the former prime minister is still more popular than him despite all the scandals.

Johnson had previously resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He called the investigation a “witch hunt”.

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