February 7, 2023

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Monday 'wild farmers campaigns' in the Netherlands: 'You will burn in the afternoon' |  interior

Monday ‘wild farmers campaigns’ in the Netherlands: ‘You will burn in the afternoon’ | interior

“He’s going to be fired from the back,” Mark van den Auever of the Farmers Defense Force (FDF) said when asked. These are “unruly acts”, which the FDF neither coordinates nor initiates. “It’s on the initiative of the farmers,” says van den Auever, who is able to report that “everything with wheels will roll.”

Van den Oever recorded a video as well. It says that the FDD is not committed to the upcoming protests. According to him, the large-scale farmers movement in Straw on Wednesday “did not work at all”. He asks the people who will participate in a campaign to spare civilians “as much as possible.”

The text continues below the video.

Traffic disturbance

The Agractie Group also says it can’t report anything about potential plans for Monday, but “actions will definitely come,” according to foreman Bart Kemp. And he already said on Friday that farmers will take action in the coming period. For example, last Thursday evening, dozens of farmers came to the Houses of Representatives building. And expect that these behaviors are sometimes a source of inconvenience. Van den Oever also believes that any actions on Monday could affect traffic.

Police say if there is indeed action, the “line will be like Wednesday” at the protests in Straw. “It is good to exercise your rights, but tractors on the highway are prohibited,” a spokeswoman said. So it will be imposed again. It didn’t always happen on a Wednesday. “Wednesday the measures were so massive that it was actually impossible to implement. It was agreed that they wouldn’t go on the highway, but that was widely ignored. We also had to look at road safety, the safety of farmers, as well as the safety of other people on the road.” “.

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No demonstration was registered in the municipality of The Hague. The ANWB is also not aware of any potential traffic plans and inconveniences.