MLB World Series 2021 – Braves charge up the power, Charlie Morton breaks his leg and other big moments in first game win over the Astros

MLB World Series 2021 - Braves charge up the power, Charlie Morton breaks his leg and other big moments in first game win over the Astros

The big story for Game 1 of the World Series was the Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie MortonHe broke his fibula, which knocked him out in the third inning and the rest of the game against the Houston Astros. Perhaps the most important feature of the game is beating the brave Jose Altove He looks at a sinister 2-2 curveball, but completes his delivery of pain and leaves the game. The Braves won 6-2.

In the other hideout, the story was the quick exit of the initiator of the Astros Framber Valdez, lasts only more than two cycles and allows for five runs and eight strikes—the majority of those missiles are over 100mph, including home runs to Jorge Soler And Adam Duval In the Crawford boxes in the left field.

But the biggest story was the Atlanta Bullpen’s performance, allowing only two runs to the Astros’ strong lineup over the last 6.2 runs. AJMinter And Tyler Matsik, having emerged from their dominant NLCS performance, each allowed a run, but also combined to deliver four rounds. These are the two lefties who have proven they can have more than two or three, and the takeaway seems clear: If the Astros are going to win this, they will likely have to beat Minter or Matzek at some point. Minter made 43 shots, so Brian Snicker will likely get away with it in game two. Matzik threw 20 shots and told Snicker he could throw every day, so his rubber arm should be available on Wednesday. Luke Jackson, who is nearly out of the NLCS, has had five major left-wing rivalries, which should be a huge boost to his confidence.

Another thing to watch is basic running. we saw Dansby Swanson A mark up from third place and the score on a shallow fly ball to the right field and we saw that Yuli Gouriel Get stuck on a slide while failing to extend a single to a double. Let’s see how the team’s speed affects the rest of the series. The Astros are a bad starting team, or at least a slow team. The Braves accounted for the “extra” base 44% of the time in the regular season, fourth in the majors, and the Astros accounted for 36% of the time, tied with the Yankees and two other teams 25th to 28th best.

How important is Game 2, with Max Fried starting from Jose Orchidi? The road team has won the first two World Championship games 14 times – and has gone on to win 11 times. Clearly the Astros will need more of their right-handed batter against the left-handed fryer: Jose Altov, Alex Bergman And Carlos Correa A total of 0 went for 12 one walk.

Here are some of the notable plays and moments from the first game of the World Series:

Both teams score in eighth place

The Braves won by 6-1 on the eighth day Freddy FreemanSacrifice fly to the right shallow field – and frankly, in no way should Dansby Swanson I managed to score for that play. Kyle TuckerIt was a weak throw and above the line and Jason Castro The mark cannot be applied completely. You can credit Braves coach Ron Washington III for sending another aggressive NLCS-like – something you should keep an eye on for the rest of the series.

distance Jordan Alvarez tripartite Carlos Correa Grounded to 2nd Place – Allow ALCS MVP to Score. Yuli Gouriel looked center-scoring, but Eddie Rosario’s rocket arm prevented a safe slip at second base.

Continue Atlanta without the ace

Morton hit Jose Altove He looks at a 2-2 curve ball driving from the bottom of the third game but he’s grim when he completed his hand and had to walk out of the match. He grabbed his right ankle when he pointed at the bunker, and ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez reported that Morton injured his right ankle while shooting a ball into the left Astros. Michael Brantley, then walked off the field after being examined by the Braves coach.

The Braves have now reported that Morton will miss the rest of the world championship with a fracture to his right fibula. The brave ones already left the beginning Huascar intends to He is out of the World Championships list with a shoulder infection and is not eligible to be added to the list. They added Kyle Wright to the list and he had a 3.02 ERA in Triple-A (but only two starting in the majors). If the idea is to tag him Drew Smiley In Game 4, Braves may now need to bring Wright back as a starter to Game 5/Long Dwell. Either way, between this game and whatever happens in Games 4 and 5, it looks like the Atlanta Bullpen will have to take on a significant extra workload in the series, putting pressure on Max Fried And Ian Anderson To dig deeper into Game 2 and 3 – and remember that Brian Snicker had a quick hook for Anderson in the post-season.

Atlanta footballers will now need to finish this game without an ace. left-handed jug AJMinter He is the first person to come off the pen, and he has been outstanding this season, with only two strokes allowed for over 7 point-free rounds. He’s been twice in the NLCS and went three rounds in the NLCS last year, so he’s capable of multiple rounds, but Snitker will probably go deeper into his pen than he would have liked in this game. left comrades Tyler Matsik And will Smith She was also great in the playoffs, but Luke Jackson He’s had several shaky outings against the Dodgers and may have to get in some big competition.

The Braves stay hot in third

Adam Duval Valdez sends off an early shower with a dual-start laser for House running in left field to lead Braves 5-0 at the top of third. She only walked 387 feet, but her exit speed clocked in at 111.7 mph.

Those were eight hits on Valdes in just over two runs, and the Braves had already hit six hits at 100mph (they’re the first team to score in each of the first three rounds of the world’s premiere series). That’s what would happen to Valdez if he wasn’t getting strike calls low on his weight, and he wasn’t getting them from house referee Chris Conroy. It can quickly turn into a multiplication exercise.

Start with a bang

The World Championships started with a big bang from the Braves designated hitter Jorge Soler When the sinker slapped 2-0 from Valdez In the Crawford boxes in the left field. Some history here: Soler is the first player to top the first half with a home tour — and he did so against a hard-to-pass bowler, who allowed Valdes to average 70 percent for the ball on a regular season, the best among the beginners in the majors. Austin Riley Later doubled Ozzy Albis, who arrived in one truce and stole second place, to quickly take a 2-0 lead. Riley’s double came 3-0, so Valdes’ inability to move forward hurts him early on.

At the beginning of the game, critics and analysts wondered if he should leave Snitker Rosario In pole position, he managed to win the NLCS Player of the Year award. But with the ability to add Soler to the lineup in the role of DH, Snitker went with a platoon match and hit Soler Leadoff, blossoming into September, returning Rosario to fifth. This will make it difficult for Dusty Baker to use a left-handed sedative later in the match against him Freddy Freeman, because Freeman has Soler in front of him instead of Rosario, and the battered Albis (who crushes lefties) behind him. – David Schoenefeld

Morton of Braves managed to get out of the rule-laden situation in the lower half of the inning.


Most Atlanta Pre-Play Meals

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brave jug tucker davidson, who isn’t on the post-season roster, greeted his team with a fantastic Waffle House spread.

The local teams are ready

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