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I still have to see Adobe Max Keynote. I’ll check it out later with a cup of coffee.

I’ve already seen some things happen. Photoshop has been working on neural filters in beta for a year now. These are all very fun. For example, using the slider, you can make people laugh and change the age. Can you color a picture and much more. With a new filter, you can group two photos in color with a single click of the button. Something now also works across a turn, but it’s a bit of a trail and error. So far this is done with a single click and with a slider you can tweak it to taste. This will really save a lot of time!

I find the idea of ​​sharing a URL with a client interesting. I would like to see this in the client version as well. I can then share a link so the client can see what happened. If they can also add notes so I can see the comments right in Photoshop, I can take a whole bunch of screenshots, share them in emails and pause back and forth, and make it more fun.

I think it’s only for the web version now. Maybe I can share a project in the client version to a web version, and communicate with the client through that.

For iPad apps, I hope they’ve taken it a step further with Illustrator. I’ve really missed some jobs there, so I can’t do my entire job on the iPad yet. I’m very curious!

I hope they release Frisco on PC someday!

Anyway… tonight. with coffee! Let me solve it!

[edit] more than great! With the push of a button, you can create a URL in Photoshop and share it with the client. They can view work and leave feedback. No more hassles with Wetransfers, screenshots, etc!

The web version of Photoshop is also great. Designed for easy adjustments on the go.

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