Taiwanese Inspectorate: Company of Heroes 3 is also coming to Xbox and PlayStation – Games – News

The Taiwanese organization that issues certification for video games released in the country states on its site that the strategy game Company of Heroes 3 will also be released on Xbox Series X / S and PS5. Publisher SEGA did not disclose this; Officially, the game is only coming to PC.

Discover this Gematsu gaming medium. The site does not provide further information. It is somewhat remarkable that the site still lists the old release date for the game: November 17, 2022. This was canceled last month and the release is currently scheduled for February 23, 2023.

Relic Entertainment needs more time to complete the game. Specific reason SEGA is not mentioned, just that some things still need to be “balanced”. In a community blog, Relic provided more details on why the game hasn’t come out yet. There are still bugs that need to be fixed and the developer has not yet addressed all the feedback that has emerged from the beta tests.

Company of Heroes 3 will be the first new title in the game series since its sequel, as of 2013. The game is relatively young. Real time strategyA game set in World War II. elements such as the cover and oppressive fire Add more depth to the gameplay. Players can control infantry, vehicles, and stationary cannons. Tweakers wrote one last summer preview The game, based on Corpus Africa’s first mission in the desert.

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