MLB Playoffs Results: Live Updates for Dodgers-Giants 3; The Red Sox sends x-rays home at ALDS

MLB Playoffs Results: Live Updates for Dodgers-Giants 3;  The Red Sox sends x-rays home at ALDS

The Postseason for Major League Baseball continues Monday with a slate of three crucial games. The Boston Red Sox were the first team to punch their ticket to the championship series, sealing their ALDS game over the Rays with a Game 4 victory at Fenway Park. The first game on the agenda saw the Atlanta Braves lead 2-1 over the Milwaukee Brewers.

The other NLDS match, the Dodgers against the Giants, is evenly 1-1 heading into Match 3 on Monday night.

For your reference, here’s today’s schedule:

Monday match schedule

  • PPD: Astros at White Sox (rain outside, takes place Tuesday) – Mania advances 2-1
  • Final: Braves 3, Brewers 0 (Result square) – ATL leads 2-1
  • Final: Red Sox 6-5 (Result square) – BOS wins the set 3-1
  • Live: Giants at the Dodgers (GameTracker) – Series 1-1

CBS Sports will provide live coverage, analysis, and more throughout the full day of matches. Follow along below.

Red Sox overhead rays, ALDS closed

After winning the first game in a rather convincing fashion, the Tampa Bay Rays are the first team to be eliminated from the division round.

The Red Sox closed things to the Fenway faithful on Monday night. It was wild, again.

The Red Sox led 5-0 during the third game while Eduardo Rodriguez threw zeros at the board during five rounds. It looked pretty rudimentary, but Rice’s fold after the third goal held steady and the Tampa attack waned. Homer and Under Franco made it 5-3 in sixth place. In the eighth inning, the match was a double before Randy Arosarina solos meant the match was tied. Garrett Whitlock, Red Sox loyalist is coming in to get some major things going to move things down the ninth, still tied up at five.

At the bottom of Game Nine, perhaps fittingly, the excited Enrique Hernandez sent the match-winning sack fly, giving Boston a 6-5 win and the club’s second straight win.

The Red Sox attack hit the Rays – who had the best ERA in AL in the regular season – for 26 times over 47 hits in the last three games of the series, each Red Sox winning. They are now waiting for either the Astros or the White Sox at ALCS.

Here’s more about Red Sox that eliminates rays.

The Braves now win away from NLCS

The Atlanta Braves defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 3-0 on Monday in Game Three of the Top Five in the National League. The Braves now have a 2-1 advantage, which means another win will send them to the NL Championship Series, where they await either the San Francisco Giants or the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Braves received another strong outing from their crew, as they did in each of the first two games of the series. Novice Ian Anderson threw five stops, holding the Brewers for three strokes and not walking. He hit six players on 84 throws before being raised to discus hitter Jock Pederson.

That decision paid off for the Braves, as Pederson fired a three-round shot to knock out Brewers loyal Adrian Houser to give Atlanta the lead:

The Braves bullpen, who tends to make things interesting, shut down the Milwaukee rackets. Instead, Jesse Chavez, Tyler Matzik, Luke Jackson, and Will Smith got together to throw four stopovers with minimal drama.

Another strong effort from its crew, Atlanta will head to the second NLCS in a row.

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