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Epic Games may be planning a Fortnite movie. This was reported by the sources of technology broker The Information, who stated that the game giant also wants to create an entertainment division. It is not known when this should happen.

Information writes Epic Games is looking to diversify with its entertainment plans. The company is currently embroiled in legal disputes with Apple and Google, which, according to the technology broker, have hurt Epic’s ability to expand into the mobile market. The intended entertainment division could, among other things, develop a feature film based on Fortnite. Sources from The Information stated that such a movie has already been discussed.

Epic Games reportedly hired several LucasFilm executives in the early months of 2021, including Jason McGatlin, former vice president of physical production In that movie company. McGatlin was one of the producers of the Star Wars movies released under Disney’s direction and is now Head of Special Projects In Epic, Intermediate Claims. The company is also said to have hired former LucasFilm employees Lynne Bartsch and Chris Furia. These two employees now hold the positions in succession Head of Business Affairs employment Vice President of Production Finance At Epic Games.

It is unknown when a possible Fortnite feature film should be released. Epic Games hasn’t released feature films before, but has been providing Fortnite with cinematic scenes, live events, and special game modes for some time, including Marvel Crossover and an event based on the Batman franchise, he writes. Eurogamer. The company’s Unreal Engine has also been used for some time to make movies and series, such as the Star Wars show. The Mandalorian.

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