Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson breaks yardage record during first two NFL seasons

Minnesota Vikings' Justin Jefferson breaks yardage record during first two NFL seasons

MINNEAPOLIS – With the previous record holder looking out from the opposite sideline, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson He made history on his third catch on Sunday, having the most yards ever by any player in his first two seasons, surpassing the wide mark of the Los Angeles Rams. Odell Beckham Jr.. He was appointed in 2015 with the New York Giants.

With 12:47 to go in the third quarter, Jefferson had a pass 9 yards from Kirk Cousins To turn the third and sixth play and give him 23 yards in the afternoon. The future sophomore Vikings needed a 21-yard entry on Sunday to surpass Beckham’s record of 2,755 yards. Jefferson now has 2,851 yards after completing eight catches for 116 yards in a Vikings 30-23 loss.

“Blessed be God, just being in this situation, breaking his record with him [Beckham] Jefferson said “In the building. It wasn’t another perfect situation for me. But dubbing would definitely be better with that record, but going forward.”

The record – and this game in particular – was one Jefferson said he had been expecting all season. The recipient of the match learned that he will draw a corner from Ramez Galen Ramsey I gained a level of intrigue the day Jefferson was looking forward to history.

“Needs 21 yards, for sure you’ve been keeping tabs for that,” Jefferson said Thursday.

“I’m excited. I feel like I’ve been living these moments, since I was a kid. Just facing this big guy, I’m a natural competitor. I’ve been competitive since I’ve been playing in the backyard with my family. I’m ready for a game, I’ve been facing it in a carousel for a long time.” For me, it’s a statement game for me considering myself one of the best receivers in the league and my strongest self. Definitely ready for that.”

According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Ramsey lined up before Jefferson 22 times on Sunday. Jefferson finished 40 yards in four touchdowns with Ramsey as the nearest defender, compared to 76 yards when everyone else was the closest defender.

Jefferson’s latest career achievement came on a day when the early struggles for a Viking offensive proved costly in a loss that slashed Minnesota’s chances in the playoffs to 16%, according to ESPN’s FPI. The Vikings 2 of 12 went in third and were 2 of 5 inside the red, exiting with just 10 points from three turnovers.

quarterback Kirk Cousins He tried eight passes to the red area and only one was thrown to Jefferson.

“I think we should be more aggressive when we get there, once we get there,” Jefferson said. “But, I’m not the one calling to play. I’m just here to do my job and do what I’m told. But, we can’t go into the red too many times and get three points.”

Jefferson also said he noticed a lack of energy from his teammates “as soon as I got to the locker room.” vikings player Anthony Bar Head coach Mike Zimmer said he went up to the pre-match rally to impress his team because he “felt a bit dead inside [U.S. Bank Stadium] today.”

“I can only control what I can,” Jefferson said. “I’m definitely going to conserve my energy, I’ll keep talking to my guys, trying to catch them, but at the end of the day I can’t just go out there and play with them, so we all have to come together, get that energy for the next game and go out there and get the ball back.”

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