Halo Infinite Unique Achievement | Editor’s Favorite

Halo Infinite Unique Achievement |  Editor's Favorite

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written by Lars Cornelis, previous reference

In addition to the jointly selected 25 best games of 2021, the editors of Gamer.nl tell in this section individually about the games that made the biggest impression on you in the past year. Today: Lars with Halo Infinite.

Then another year passed. What really happened in the last 365 days? I really can’t tell you. This year and the year before has melted into a forgotten haze, with January 1st just a random dividing line. The most important thing for me was the day I finally got to start playing Halo Infinite.

I can’t stop talking about how awesome and awesome this game is. Every skirmish is different. Words are not enough to properly describe this feeling. Although I can write a chaotic tale for almost every game, nothing does justice to what happens. In any case, it will always be a complete surprise what will happen on screen.

This is crucial to me. I don’t want to invest my time in a multiplayer game where the only reward comes in the form of cosmetics. This is a kind of hierarchical scheme: you invest time in something that will only benefit you if you put in more time. I play for happy times And that’s exactly what Halo Infinite delivers every time. Once in the form of a surprise kill, then another flag is picked up in the last seconds, and once again my team dominates the stockpile. I was screaming at my TV several times from excitement. It rarely happens to me in Ajax matches in the Champions League.

infinite aura

infinite aura

infinite aura

In my opinion, such an addictive multiplayer game could not have come at a better time. Ago The demise of the football genre I missed a game that you can play quickly. Just a drink before bed. Although, of course, it does not stop at one bowl. Because when you lose, you want to win again. And when you win, you want to win again. This is how these things work.

At the same time, I also love to roam the single-player campaign. to me reconsidering You have already completed Singles player twice. It was my first time in Heroic, where I also did a lot of side quests to get a good and complete picture of the game. Then I still have time to turn it on again on normal mode. This way I can browse the story in my spare time. The campaign has now started for the third time, this time on Legendary with the goal of turning every stone.

When you lose, you want to win again. And when you win, you want to win again. This is how these things work.

The good thing is that Halo Infinite actually only gets more fun at higher difficulties. It’s exactly the smooth gameplay that comes out best. Plasma-blast coils are more valuable, action with a Grappleshot can literally make the difference between life and death, and well-aimed headshots with a Sidekick (I want to marry this weapon) are more satisfying. It’s usual for me to play Halo on Legendary, but I honestly don’t think I enjoyed it that much before.

infinite aura

With that said, Halo Infinite ticks a lot of boxes, each one an achievement in itself. I generally don’t play multiplayer games much, mostly because I don’t have the time to really invest in it. But I will continue to play Halo Infinite. I also rarely play single player campaigns multiple times. After all, there’s always another game in the making, so I’d rather play something new. But I’m already playing Halo Infinite for the third time.

Also, I don’t remember feeling the need to explore every square inch of the map, collect audio logs, and find Easter eggs. I think that was the last time with Vice City and San Andreas. The original versions This is not nonsense from a remaster. However, I do just that in Infinite. And finally: a game where I enjoy playing both multiplayer and single player with great pleasure? It hasn’t happened since… well, right? Never at all, I guess.


With this said, 343 Industries creates something really impressive. Of course you can come up with all kinds of things to criticize the game. No collaboration, more playlists should be available on launch, file View the original trailer engine Draw a completely different picture, and so on. But look at what this studio has to offer: a game with great single player, and great multiplayer. We rarely see it nowadays. This puts Halo Infinite alone at the top for me this year.

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