February 9, 2023

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Ministers urge Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign: 'The situation is untenable'

Ministers urge Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign: ‘The situation is untenable’

“All day long, the political series takes place in Westminster,” says Senin. “The legs of Johnson’s chair are spread out on all sides. He refuses to resign, but his position has become unacceptable. His party now also wants him to leave.”

Forty party members resigned

It was a tumultuous day for Johnson, as Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Jaffee resigned at the same time on Tuesday night. That turned out to be the start of a mass exit from Johnson’s Conservative Party. Meanwhile, forty ministers and other party members resigned, due to dissatisfaction with his performance and the “scandal culture” that haunts his government.

Last month, there was a vote of confidence about him remaining in office. At the time, he was mainly blamed for the ‘party gate’, the parties he attended during the Corona lockdown. But Johnson survived this vote.

Now the science is completely different, explains Anne Senen: “There were elections in two districts that traditionally vote conservative, but both lost. This suggests the population is obsessing over it about scandals.”

bad behavior

The latest scandal is the Pincher case. This deputy had harassed men in the nightlife in a drunken stupor, and had also been charged with misconduct before. Johnson gave him a position anyway. At first, the Prime Minister denied that he was aware of the complaints, but later had to admit that he was aware.

Senin: “The residents still blame him for this. They always deny it, and later admit that he lied. This was also the case with Bartigit: he swore over and over again that he had done nothing wrong, and that in the end he must make his own. He confessed.”

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According to Senen, there are two options: Either Johnson will be convinced tonight that he must resign, or he will wait on Monday.

He does not seem to mean the first: “When I look at the problems this country is facing, as well as the war in Europe, I don’t see how much it is responsible for turning away from it,” said the Prime Minister. “The last thing this country needs is elections.”


Senen explains what is hanging above his head on Monday. “According to the party’s rule, there must be at least a year between two votes of confidence. But after the weekend, the party hopes to rescind that rule. In that case, they’ll likely take the new vote on the same day.”

And this time, the Prime Minister of Color will not survive this vote, as the reporter predicts. “Tonight even Home Secretary Patel is here to speak with him. Another party member called himself ‘a cockroach who will survive the apocalypse’. Well that sums the mood very well.”

According to British media, the ministers for Wales and Northern Ireland and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who is considered close to Johnson, are also present.

Fall into the shields

Johnson’s fierce resistance leads to much disbelief in England. β€œIt is hard to understand why he continues to hold on to the premiership in this way. He will also know himself that there is no turning back.”

She says one thing for sure: “Westminster theater would be dull without it. For all you can say about it, it’s not boring.”

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