Ukrainian Defense Minister: Come and test weapons on the Russians | Abroad

Ukrainian Defense Minister: Come and test weapons on the Russians |  Abroad

“Ukraine is now essentially a testing ground,” Reznikov said, addressing the US think tank via a video link. “A variety of weapons are currently being tested on the Russian Armed Forces under real conditions.” This provides a wealth of information, according to the minister, who is happy to share Ukraine with its partners.

This was followed by a presentation from Reznikov: “We are interested in testing modern weapons systems in combat with the enemy and we invite weapons manufacturers to come and test their products here. It is an excellent opportunity to test their equipment. Give us the tools, after which we will finish the job and you will get new information. “


Ukrainian Defense Minister urged to rush: “We have [de wapens] It is badly needed, because wherever the enemy stops us, it digs. Reznikov noted the effect of MLRS launchers like the HIMARS systems supplied to us by the United States: “We use HIMARS like a surgeon with his scalpel.”

Ukrainian army uses US HIMARS missile launchers

The Ukrainian military uses US HIMARS launchers “like a surgeon uses a scalpel.”

He said that more such long-range weapons would be very useful: “These systems will allow us to completely destroy their logistics and isolate Russian forces from their supply lines.”

Regardless, Reznikov remains optimistic about Ukraine’s chances on the battlefield: “For me, the word ‘impossible’ means ‘possible in the future’.”

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