Minister van der Waal takes advice: the nitrogen map is not on the table

Minister van der Waal takes advice: the nitrogen map is not on the table

The nitrogen map provided by the Treasury at the beginning of the plans indicated in detail how much nitrogen emissions should be reduced. Although it was later said that the map was only intended as a start, the cultivators indicated that they would run into trouble right away. For example, banks looked at the map to decide if they wanted to give the farmer another loan.

Van der Waal hopes the report will contribute to follow-up steps with the agricultural sector. It also hopes that all parties involved will communicate and that undesirable measures will not amplify the report.

2030 . preserved

The government wants to provide its first substantive response to the REmix report next Friday. It states, among other things, that 2030 should be maintained as the year to halve nitrogen emissions. In the meantime, there should be the possibility to adjust the objectives at the local level. He also believes that there should be more prospects for cultivation. Here are some key phrases from the presentation:

The left-wing opposition in the House of Representatives welcomes Ramki’s long-awaited advice. “Remkes’ advice is crystal clear: the 2030 nitrogen targets must be met,” says PvdA leader Attje Kuiken. “There is no turning back. In the interest of the country, the environment and the farmers, the Cabinet must now act and present the farmers’ perspective.”

Scoop on top of the coalition agreement

GroenLinks leader Jesse Claver talks about “reasonable” advice from the former VVD Minister. “It maintains the nitrogen targets and even goes further in the coalition agreement: 500 to 600 tax collectors should stop within a year.”

Party leader Esther Oehand of the Party for the Animals notes that, after months of Remix’s talk, he “wouldn’t come up with anything new”. But she also says she believes that the goals remain the same and that the forced purchase of livestock farms is no longer a taboo.

in the plain

For now, government parties are ignoring. Christinoni Rep. Peter Greenwiss reacted briefly. He sees the report as an opportunity for a fresh start. “And I think we should seize this opportunity with both hands.”

CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra says he sees good indications for “the future of the vibrant countryside and the restoration of vulnerable nature”. VVD speaks of “a justified slap on the toes of the treasury.”

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