Millionaire sisters Charlie and Dixie hate each other: ‘I haven’t spoken in weeks’ | show

Millionaire sisters Charlie and Dixie hate each other: 'I haven't spoken in weeks' |  show

Sisters Charlie (18) and Dixie D’Amelio (21), the world’s highest-earning TikTok stars, almost missed out on the success of their multi-million dollar collaboration. The two have revealed hating each other for years.

“We hated each other, we really hated each other,” Dixie admitted this week on talk show host Drew Barrymore. “We haven’t talked much for weeks,” Charlie said. The two sisters had adjoining bedrooms and “share a wall,” but their bond didn’t go further.

When they went to high school at around the age of fourteen, everything changed. “It came out of nowhere,” Dixie says. We became best friends, she came to party with me every weekend. ”The two still have a good relationship and are now living together. “I can’t even remember our last fight,” Dixie said.

Their parents, also known as Heidi and Mark, were seen with their daughters in the reality series D’Amelio عرض ShowIt’s best to walk away if their offspring get into trouble. “They make it worse,” Dixie says. Charlie: Then they ask: What are you arguing about? While our quarrel is long gone. We finished it ten minutes ago.”

Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio. © BrunoPress / Capital Pictures


A good relationship between the sisters is not only beneficial to Joe, but also to their bank account. Dance and imitation brought them millions of followers, and now they dance and imitate products in their hands, and also earn millions of euros. TikTok stars sometimes ask for 440,000 euros for a single post in which they promote a product, according to Business Magazine. Forbes.

With an income of 15.4 million euros (for Charlie) and 8.8 million euros (for Dixie), the two sisters were Best earning on TikTokkers In the world. They work separately from each other, but often privately, for example on their fashion brand Social Tourist.

Charlie has been the queen of the undefeated video platform in terms of followers for a long time, but that time is over. Last summer’s prankster Xabi was not famous for his dry reaction videos her past. He currently has over 150 million followers, Charli’s “only” 147 million. Dixie has to contend with over 57 million fans.

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However, Charli remains attractive to major brands, as they are themselves part of the target group they want to reach through ads. Today she showed how to shine in a new campaign from the luxury brand Prada:

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