US intelligence services: Ukraine behind attack on daughter Kremlin ideologue

US intelligence services: Ukraine behind attack on daughter Kremlin ideologue

The New York Times reported last week that U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that the covert operation had declined Pre-approved by part of the Ukrainian government. It is still unclear if Dukina was targeted or if it was actually her father who was in the car.

An influential ideologue

His father, Alexander Dugin, was an influential ideologue and major supporter of the war. His daughter shared his views and shared them openly, often on Russian state television. In Russia, Ukraine was immediately pointed out, as reporter Eva Hartok said a day after the attack:

Americans would not have been happy with the assassination attempt, writes the newspaper, which spoke to several anonymous officials in the intelligence services. The massacre will do nothing on the battlefield, but it could provoke a Russian response and cause unnecessary escalation.


Intelligence services say they don’t know how the decision-making process in the government is supposed to work because the Americans don’t have a clear picture of the relationship between the top echelons of the Ukrainian military, intelligence and government in Kiev.

The ambiguity of Ukrainian decision-making has long been a thorn in the side of Americans. On a political level, the United States is pressuring President Zelensky to share his plans with the United States. Earlier, Americans complained that they knew more about Russian plans than Ukrainian plans in this war.

Warning to Ukraine

It is surprising that US intelligence has leaked their findings. It is very unusual for countries to talk about other countries’ covert operations. According to The New York Times, the fact that the Americans now appear to be doing so may be a warning to Ukraine to refrain from a “dangerous adventure.”

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