Minister Schotten to employers: ‘Look where wages can go up’

Minister Schotten to employers: 'Look where wages can go up'

Not only must the government take measures to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of low-income people, employers must also know what they can do. This is what Secretary Carola Schutten says about poverty policy news hour

inflation the sky is high And purchasing power is going up this year backwards† Cabinet looking at how people are compensated. But according to Schouten, the government’s role was not only to act. She wants to talk about wages, too.

“This is a basic discussion for the social partners: What is the space left there? We see that wages often have a limited increase. In the sectors where that is possible, you have to look at which room is still there.”

Schuten confirms that the Cabinet approved a six-billion-euro package to solve the problems. “There is still a scheme to reduce the burden. Municipalities are doing well in terms of debt counseling. But as a business owner, also see what is possible. This is a discussion of the CLA schedule. But I think everyone should play their part in this way. Sharing responsibility and not just one party.”

“a little poorer”

Municipalities, energy companies and debt advisors are concerned about the large group of people with lower middle incomes who are affected by higher energy prices, but who do not qualify for the additional €800 energy fee.

At the beginning of April, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that we must partly accept that the Dutch “a little poorerHe warned that the Cabinet could not mitigate the consequences of rapid price increases on everyone.

The four government parties are currently preparing a Spring Memorandum, in which they discuss, among other things, how to compensate for the loss of purchasing power. Schouten can’t say anything about possible actions yet, because negotiations are now underway.

“The question is: How do you get it to people as quickly and in the most targeted way possible. So far, the measures haven’t been highly targeted, but it’s the fastest thing we can do now. I think in August we’re going to have to see how we can shape the tax cut that will come back. benefit this group.

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