June 5, 2023

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Beleggers in Azië schrikken niet van hoge Amerikaanse inflatie

Asian investors are not afraid of high US inflation

An analyst at the City Index explains that investors have recently become accustomed to reports of high inflation. According to him, the fact that prices have risen is no longer news. Investors’ attention may have shifted to the potential period of high inflation. An expert from Allspring Global Investments explains, “This is where we hope inflation will peak.

After a quiet session mainly focused on inflation, Tokyo’s leading Nikkei index rose 1.9 percent to close at 26,843.49. Meanwhile, the stock market rose 0.6 percent in Hong Kong, while the index in Seoul rose 1.8 percent. The Shanghai and Shenzhen markets fell 0.3 percent from the overall vote. Major Chinese cities are still struggling with severe corona locks. They were set up to prevent new waves of infections, but put more pressure on local action.

Consumers in the United States spent 8.5 percent more on goods and services in March than a year earlier. Wall Street opening was not impressed by the new inflation figure on Tuesday. But rising oil prices have sparked fears in New York that inflation has not yet peaked.

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