Johnny De Mol calls for prosecution after reporting his ex-fiancée | stars

Johnny De Mol calls for prosecution after reporting his ex-fiancée |  stars

D’Mall has always categorically denied the allegations. Through a thorough investigation by the judiciary and criminal prosecution, he hopes to be able to put an end to the persistent and public accusations against him, which he always has to publicly refute. Plasman said he wanted this to happen “in the only place it belongs, which is the police and the judiciary and not in the publicity.” De Mall is confidently looking forward to the outcome of a criminal case.

Case made an announcement at the end of 2020. According to attorney Plasman, Casey’s agents made contact with both Johnny De Mol and his parents, “to induce the family to perform – read: pay.” De Mol and his father, John De Mol, reported an attempted threatening, a legal term for extortion.

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Since that time, Case and her agent have been constantly looking out for the media, according to the attorney. It is about “repeating previous allegations”. This hinders De Mol’s personal and social performance. “He has been held hostage in one form or another by the actions of Mrs. Case and her agent.”

From the start, de Mol urged the prosecution to make a quick decision on Case’s report, his report, and that of his father. According to Plasman, the attorney general has promised to announce the decisions this month. If the public prosecutor does not comply with his request for a criminal investigation and prosecution, Plasman says, de Mol will initiate a complaint procedure with the court in order to enforce his prosecution.

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employment telegraph When asked Karim Ashbon, Qais’s lawyer, he said he “agrees with Lawyer Plasman that there should be trial by judge instead of Trial by the media† „But how astonishing it is that the public can now conclude that Advocate Plasman himself Trial by the media Accusing us of the threats in this post? “

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Herb asserts that neither he, his team, nor Case have ever been guilty of blackmailing the De Mol family. “We and our client have never leaked any information to the media. We are not aware of any possible decision from the Public Prosecution at the end of this month, other than that the Public Prosecution has not yet started hearing witnesses, whose contact details were sent at the beginning of this month, about the client’s complaint against her. Mr. Johnny de Mol on charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder.”

In the Culture and media podcast It broadly relates to the high-profile report of Johnny De Mol’s ex-girlfriend hanging like the sword of Damocles over the HLF8 talk show:

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