Midlands semi-finals

Semifinal Matchups Set At Midlands

The first day in Chicago is over. There’s a lot to dissect, but the story from day one has been freshman. Heavyweight champion Dayton Pitzer beat Kohlton Schultz in the biggest upset of the day. Newcomers Ryan Crockham, Brian Soldano, McStout and Danny Waske also reached the semifinals. Proceedings will resume tomorrow at noon east.

You can find the full results and brackets on TrackWrestling here.

We also keep track of every disruption that occurs. You can find that list here.

Events calendar

Friday 30th December

12:00 pm. – Third session (8 mats) – (semi-finals, consolation, match for seventh place, start of the women’s league)

7:05 pm – Fourth Session (4 Mats) – (First, Third and Fifth Place – Men’s and Women’s Teams)

Team results

Place Team a result
1 Wisconsin 78.5
2 North West 63
3 Pittsburgh 61.5
4 Rutgers 60
5 The son of 58
6 Illinois 48.5
7 West Virginia 48.5
8 SIU Edwardsville 44.5
9 Princeton 42.5
10 Arizona 40.5

Men’s quarter-final results


Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) won a huge decision over Sheldon Seymour (Lehigh) Mag 13-4.

Dean Peterson (Rutgers) defeated Ryan Miller (Penn), December 2-3

Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) won a decision over Markel Baker (George Mason) Dec. 6-12

Brandon Courtney (AZ) won by decision over Blake West (Northern Illinois) Dec. 3-4


Lucas Bird (Illinois) won by decision over Julian Schlipoff (Arizona State), Dec. 4-0

Michael Colaiyoko (Penn) won by decision over Taylor Lamont (Wisconsin), Dec. 1-8

Chris Cannon (Northwestern) defeated Hunter Adrian (Brown), December 4-1

Ryan Crookham (Lehigh) won by decision over Joe Hillman (Rutgers), December 1-2


Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) defeated Joe Oliveri (Rutgers) December 1-2

Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville) won by decision over Jesse Vasquez (AZ) Dec. 3-6.

Josh Edmond (Missouri) won a decision over Brian Courtney (offline) December 2-3

Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers) won a big decision over Danny Poceno (Illinois) Mag 12-2.


Kyle Barko (Arizona State) won a decision over Jonny Lovett (Central Michigan), Dec. 1-3

Caleb Taius (SIU Edwardsville) defeated Sam Hillegas (West Virginia), Dec. 2-4.

Doug Zapf (Penn) won by decision over Jarrod Verklearen (Virginia), Dec. 9-3

Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) beat Tyler Padgett (Pittsburgh) Dec. 5-12


Andrew Clark (Rutgers) upset-1 win over Anthony Artalona (Penn) SV-1 5-3

Drew Scharnbrook (Wisconsin) won a tech fall over Kyle Berg (Harvard) TF 18-3

Trevor Chambley (Northwestern) won by big decision over Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State) Mag 8-0.

Jarrett Model (Wisconsin) won by decision over Derek Gilcher (Indiana), Dec. 2-4


Dean Hametti (Wisconsin) won a major decision over Cardi Wilson (SIU Edwardsville) Mag 9-0.

Isaac Olegnik (Northern Illinois) won by decision over Justin McCoy (Virginia), Dec. 2-3

Dan Brownagell (Illinois) won by decision over Peyton Hall (West Virginia) Dec. 7-6

Quincy Monday (Princeton) beat Holden Heller (Pittsburgh) Dec. 2-6


Edmund Roth (Illinois) won by decision over Luca Augustine (Pittsburgh) Dec. 3-5

Alex Cramer (Central Michigan) defeated Cole Muhlhauser (Princeton), Dec. 4-0

Nick Encontrera (Penn) won by big decision over Josh Otto (Wisconsin) Mag 10-1

Daniel Wask (Navy Prep) won a decision over Troy Fisher (Northwestern) Dec. 3-4


Brian Soldano (Rutgers) won by falling to Evan Bates (NW) Fall 3:54

Jarrett Shane Hoster (UW-Whitewater) defeated Neil Antrasian (Virginia) December 3-7.

Anthony Carman (West Virginia) won a decision over Dylan Fishback (NC State) Dec. 4-6.

Reese Heller (Pittsburgh) won an upset-1 win over Dylan Connell (Illinois) SV-1 2-0.


Braxton Amos (Wisconsin) won by fall over John Crawford (Franklin & Marshall) Fall 2:33

An injury-delayed McStout (Pittsburgh) beat Austin Cooley (West Virginia) Ng. 4:20

Luke Stout (Princeton) won Tech over Cole Orbas (Penn) TF 20-4

Zach Brunagel (Illinois) won by decision over Michael Batista (Virginia) December 1-4


Dayton Pitzer (Pittsburgh) won a decision over Colton Schultz (Arizona State), Dec. 4-0.

Trent Hilger (Wisconsin) won a decision over Boone McDermott (Rutgers), Dec 6-0.

Colton McKiernan (SIU Edwardsville) defeated Jaraslaw Slavikowski (Harvard) Dec. 2-9.

Lucas Davison (Northwestern) won a huge decision over Ben Goldin (Penn) Major 8-0

Semi-final matches


Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) vs. Dean Peterson (Rutgers)

Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) – Brandon Courtney (Arizona State)


Lucas Bird (Illinois) – Michael Koliocco (Pennsylvania)

Chris Cannon (Northwestern) – Ryan Crookham (Lehigh)


Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) – Saul Ervin (SIU Edwardsville)

Josh Edmund (Missouri) – Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers)


Kyle Barco (AZ) – Caleb Taius (SIU Edwardsville)

Doug Zapf (Penn) – Yahya Thomas (Northwestern)


Andrew Clark (Rutgers) – Drew Scharnbrook (Wisconsin)

Trevor Chambley (Northwestern) vs. Jarrett Model (Wisconsin)


Dean Hemety (Wisconsin) – Isaac Olegnik (Northern Illinois)

Dan Brownagell (Illinois) – Quincy Monday (Princeton)


Edmund Roth (Illinois) – Alex Creamer (Central Michigan)

Nick Encontrera (Penn) vs. Daniel Wask (Navy Prep)


Brian Soldano (Rutgers) – Jarrett Schenhester (UW-Whitewater)

Anthony Carman (West Virginia) – Reese Heller (Pittsburgh).


Braxton Amos (Wisconsin) – McStout (Pittsburgh)

Luke Stout (Princeton) vs Zack Brunagel (Illinois)


Dayton Pitzer (Pittsburgh) – Trent Hilger (Wisconsin)

Colton McKiernan (SIU Edwardsville) – Lucas Davison (Northwestern)

It was a great first session in the Midlands. Guys like Ryan Crookham, James Rowley, Dayton Pitzer and more have excelled. It was also great to see some hammers debut this year like Killian Cardinale and Brandon Courtney. The action begins at 8 p.m. ET with the quarterfinals. The semi-finals and finals will be tomorrow.

Men’s quarter-final matches


Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) – Sheldon Seymour (Lehigh)

Ryan Miller (Penn) vs. Dean Peterson (Rutgers)

Killian Cardinale (West Virginia) – Markel Baker (George Mason)

Blake West (Northern Illinois) – Brandon Courtney (Arizona State).


Lucas Baird (Illinois) vs Julian Schlipoff (Arizona State)

Taylor Lamont (Wisconsin) – Michael Colaiocco (Penn)

Chris Cannon (Northwestern) vs. Hunter Adrian (Brown)

Ryan Crockham (Lehigh) – Joe Hillman (Rutgers)


Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) – Joe Oliveri (Rutgers)

Saul Irvin (SIU Edwardsville) – Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State)

Josh Edmund (Missouri) vs. Brian Courtney (not attached)

Danny Pocino (Illinois) – Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers)


Kyle Barko (Arizona State) – Jonny Lovett (Central Michigan).

Sam Hillegas (West Virginia) – Caleb Taius (SIU Edwardsville)

Doug Zappf (Pennsylvania) – Jarrod Verklearen (Virginia)

Tyler Padgett (Pittsburgh) – Yahya Thomas (Northwest).


Anthony Artalona (Pennsylvania) – Andrew Clarke (Rutgers)

Drew Scharnbrook (Wisconsin) vs. Kyle Berg (Harvard)

Trevor Chambley (Northwestern) – Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State)

Derek Gilcher (Indiana) vs. Jarrett Model (Wisconsin)


Dean Hametti (WI) – Cardi Wilson (SIU Edwardsville)

Isaac Olegnik (Northern Illinois) v Justin McCoy (Virginia)

Peyton Hall (West Virginia) – Dan Brownagell (Illinois)

Holden Heller (Pittsburgh) vs Quincy Munday (Princeton)


Edmund Roth (Illinois) – Luca Augustine (Pittsburgh)

Alex Creamer (Central Michigan) – Cole Muhlhauser (Princeton)

Nick Encontrera (Penn) – Josh Otto (Wisconsin)

Daniel Wask (Navy Prep) vs. Troy Fisher (Northwestern)


Brian Soldano (Rutgers) vs. Evan Bates (NW)

Jarrett Schenhester (UW-Whitewater) – Neil Antrasian (Virginia)

Anthony Carman (West Virginia) – Dylan Fishback (NC State)

Dylan Connell (Illinois) – Reese Heller (Pittsburgh)


Braxton Amos (Wisconsin) – John Crawford (Franklin & Marshall)

Austin Cooley (West Virginia) – McStout (Pittsburgh)

Luke Stout (Princeton) – Cole Orbas (Pennsylvania)

Michael Batista (Virginia) – Zack Bronagel (Illinois)


Colton Schultz (Arizona State) – Dayton Pitzer (Pittsburgh)

Bon McDermott (Rutgers) – Trent Hilger (Wisconsin)

Jaraslaw Slavikowski (Harvard) – Colton McKiernan (SIU Edwardsville)

Ben Goldin (Penn) – Lucas Davison (Northwestern)

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