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Do you also think that iPadOS has become too complicated? It used to be a very simple device, but it’s starting to look more and more like a computer. This is of course fine if you’re already using these new capabilities, but not everyone does.

I see my mother who is about 80 years old browsing photos on her iPad. Oops, swipe up instead of to the side. The “Information” block appears immediately. She has no idea where it came from and can’t shake it off, and it just keeps on scrolling to the next photo. I can see this cross at the top right, but she can’t. It is also not compatible with the auxiliary playback of the iPad. What’s wrong with the “i” symbol?

Oops, now you accidentally swipe in from the right edge of the screen. And there is the “sliding” Safari web browser. Without a cross at the top right (inconsistent operation, even within iPadOS). Try to get those out. Swipe right exactly on the dividing line, of course, but Mom won’t remember all of that anyway.

These options cannot be disabled. My mother doesn’t need to multitask at all, it’s way too complicated. She wants to either look at pictures or surf the web, never at the same time. But she always gets confused by all those windows that pop up all the time. Now this notepad function has also been added. I wish you could disable these things in settings. Fortunately, with center stage, it’s still possible, but for how long? Soon, you won’t be able to accidentally swipe in from the left edge of the screen.

Please. I want Steve Jobs back. and Jony Ive. The jesters who now work at Apple are turning it into a kind of second HP, with technically beautiful devices that can do an incredible amount, but no one knows how to use all those options anymore.

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