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Besides all the new unproductive features, including icons instead of just text to copy/paste in the context menu, additional options to open in the context menu, taskbar (merge and drag to) and for example the start button which is suddenly no longer on the left , by far the biggest issue we have with the 22H2 as the RDP has been deprecated since the October update. RDP will stop working if you cannot create a UDP for the remote desktop gateway. But if it’s behind the equalizer, there’s little chance you’ll get UDP through it. Result: no more contact.
We have countless customers and home workers who simply click Update as soon as Microsoft delivers a new update. And then we can implement a workaround again (fortunately).
And insects will always be there, which in itself is not a bad thing. But also in the November update, the above UDP error is still present. This, combined with the less productive UI (because more clicks are needed for many things) means I don’t see the added value of W11 in the works anymore. The basic OS is ok but the user interface? We delay it as long as possible on the devices we manage.

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