John van den Heuvel’s wife lost her job due to his security measures | show

John van den Heuvel's wife lost her job due to his security measures |  show

John van den Heuvel’s wife lost her job at a school because of his work as a crime reporter, van den Heuvel told Sterren op het Doek. The school did not agree to the heightened security measures that would be applied to it and the school after the murder of Peter R. de Vries.

On the Omroep MAX program, which was broadcast on Saturday evening, the journalist spoke to Ozkan Akyol from Koepelgevangenis in Arnhem.

“My wife was a kindergarten teacher,” said the crime reporter. “And after Peter’s murder, of course, the strict security measures were really tightened.” Van den Heuvel refers to the murder of crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. “One of the consequences was that my family was extra protected and that they would also have a certain form of security at work as a precaution.”

The journalist said they found it understandable. ,, But the school I worked at didn’t think that was understandable, especially the administration and the school board. In fact, while we were still in a very sad period, she was called to the school board and sent home with: Sorry but because of your husband’s work and the consequences of security measures at the school, we don’t want you to come here any more. Her employment contract was eventually terminated.”


Van den Heuvel asserts that he and his wife did not want anything to happen at school. “Not my wife at all. If there were indications of this from the government, the police or the judiciary, we would say: stop immediately. But that was not all. I also think it is unprecedented cowardice for that school which is said for very opportunistic reasons: Go home. The end of the song is that after nearly forty years of education, my wife has now quit education because I am a crime journalist.”

Van den Heuvel says that they tried everything and that the mayor was involved. He said that didn’t solve anything. “I know how much she loves her profession and children are everything to her.” According to Van den Heuvel, due to the school’s decision, “there is little chance of working at another school.” According to Van den Heuvel, she “bites him hard”.

The journalist further said in the interview that de Vries’ death was a “shocking event”. I notice that it’s still an open wound. Something happens to a direct colleague that you are actually afraid of. Well, if you are afraid, keep that in mind.” The journalist said that the fact that Van den Heuvel was not “on good terms” with de Vries just before his death also played a role. After De Vries’ death, Van den Heuvel realized “that you will not have opportunity to talk about it again.”

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