January 31, 2023

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The House of Representatives loses confidence in Chamber President Bergkamp |  Policy

The House of Representatives loses confidence in Chamber President Bergkamp | Policy

The House Business Council (or) no longer has confidence in the Presidency, the day-to-day management of the House under President Vera Bergkamp. That’s what the chief O . said news hour Saturday.

“I don’t think Bergkamp can stick the pieces together. The damage is too great. There is no longer any confidence in the civil service at the political top of the House of Representatives,” OR president Michael Meretz said.

Friday announced that senior officials of the Chamber get down, including Clerk Simone Roos, the highest-ranking official. Politicians often interfere in the investigation of former president Khadija Arib, according to the entire administration.

“The investigation has become political, officials have been hurt and there seems to be little interest in journalists and the integrity of the management team has been damaged,” the senior officials said. Ross frequently mentioned the unsafe working climate under the AREP presidency (2016-2021).

Meretz said the departure of the management team “has a severe impact on the staff.” news hour. He believes that a new presidency is the only way out of the current crisis. The Business Council will meet again early next week.

Bergkamp said after the administration’s resignation that the investigation into the Oraib case was continuing. She made it clear that she did not intend to leave. The Presidency wants the House of Representatives to vote in favor of continuing the investigation next week.

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