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This is wrong by definition.


By definition, 9 out of 10 is used incorrectly, and so on here too.
By definition, you are implying that you are referring to something stated in a definition, something that is incorrect by definition only if the claimed conflicts with the definition of something. It’s not something you can put in front of everything to reinforce something, but unfortunately it is used that way.

When I say that a kilometer is 1200 metres, this is by definition incorrect, because what I am saying does not match the definition of kilometer.

Can’t even find half of all settings in the settings menu. The other half still has to be managed via the configuration menu.

I meant more that the old menu is no longer needed because there is a great place where everything is in it can Bringing new ‘Apps and Features’ screen. I totally agree with you that the whole solution in Windows 10 was half complete, but the way to get rid of that is to say goodbye to the old screen, and then force themselves to give everything a place inside the new screen.

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