POCO’s first wireless earbuds and smartwatch cost 69 and 79 euros – picture and sound – news

POCO announces its first wireless earbuds and smartwatch. The POCO watch will have a 1.6 inch rectangular OLED screen with rounded corners and will be used mainly while doing sports.

The display of POCO Watch is a touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 360 pixels. The battery is 225 mAh, which means that the watch can be used for a maximum of two weeks according to the Xiaomi brand. The smartwatch will include an optical heart rate monitor, GPS support, and Bluetooth 5.0.

The watch can be connected to a smartphone running at least Android 6 or iOS 10 and offers “more than a hundred” sports mode. The watch can also monitor users’ sleep. The smart watch strap can be adjusted from 125 to 205 mm. The smartwatch measures 39.1 x 34.4 x 9.98 mm and weighs 31 grams.

POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition get four microphones for active noise reduction. The in-ear earplugs come with three ANC modes, allowing people to pass, pause, or amplify external sound. The headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.2 technology and have a 28 hour battery life including the charging case. The charging case can fully charge the earbuds within an hour. Charging the case takes about 2.5 hours.

POCO headphones are the subject of Genshin Impact and use omnidirectional sound. The speakers are IPX4 certified and cost €69; The most expensive smartwatch is 10 euros. It is not yet known when the products will go on sale.

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