Germany supplies Ukraine with heavy weapons • UN Secretary-General visits Putin

Germany supplies Ukraine with heavy weapons • UN Secretary-General visits Putin

“You don’t hear the words of World War III very often,” reporter Geert Grote Corkamp told the newspaper. Radio NOS 1 News About a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. He described the Russian state media as a third world war.real possibility

On the other hand, he said that such a war is unacceptable. He also says that Russia and Ukraine will exit anyway, but the content of the agreement depends on the military situation.

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“Lavrov discussed a lot, for example, about the possibility of using nuclear weapons,” says Grote Corkamp from Moscow. “But he has now said very frankly that World War III is a real possibility that we should not rule out.” The Russian minister continues to point to the West. “According to Lavrov and Russia, the West is adding fuel to the fire in Ukraine. This increases the risks of direct confrontation between the West, NATO and Russia. And with it the risks of a possible third world war.”

According to Grote Corkamp, ​​Lavrov was often asked about the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia. “He usually avoids these questions, or gives an answer that can take you in different directions. You often see Russia accusing the West of adding fuel to the fire, and thus risks escalating further into a direct conflict between Russia and the West.” Grote Corkamp notes that President Putin discussed this order several times.

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