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Microsoft has updated the web version of its Microsoft Store. The store was built from the ground up with a new code base. The design is now similar to that of the Windows 11 app, including the removal of the left side panel with the category list.

Similar to the Windows 11 app from the Microsoft Store, users will no longer see a list of categories on the side, but will highlight apps from different categories as they scroll through the home page. If users want to see more apps from a particular category, they can click on the category title.

At the bottom of the page Located Collections section, which displays some additional categories such as “Best Entertainment Apps” or “Games for Kids.” The search bar has also been placed at the top of the screen and now scrolls, just like the button that opens the Microsoft Store app. If users want to install an application, they must use that application as before.

Furthermore, a completely new database was used. While the previous store consisted of a “legacy” UI framework built on a React code base, the redesign used the web components Shoelace, Lit, Vite, and others. said Microsoft developer Judah Gabriel. The backend now uses an server with C# code. According to Gabriel, the new design will make it easier to discover new applications.

The old (left) and new web versions of the Microsoft Store

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