Microsoft is Testing Advertising in Windows Explorer – Update

Microsoft is Testing Advertising in Windows Explorer - Update

It looks like Microsoft is experimenting with ads in Windows Explorer in the Insider Build for Windows 11. These are suggestions for using other Microsoft software, possibly based on the contents of the folder you’re opening. Windows Insider and twitterer Florian Discover “Feature” in last week’s Windows Insider release.

Florian Announces to Thorot He came up with the proposal once so far. Other Windows Insiders haven’t been able to view the announcement yet, so it’s still unclear if and when Microsoft has put the extension on the agenda. This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft has integrated ads into features within its operating system; The Start menu, the Mail app, the OneDrive folder, and even WordPad have already featured ads.

Update 16-03-2022, 14:45 –

the edge And the computer world They made inquiries with Microsoft, with this (brief) response from Senior Windows Product Manager Brandon LeBlanc: “This was an experimental logo not intended for external deployment and has been disabled.” It doesn’t tell us much, though it does confirm that the ads are in development anyway.

Microsoft is fixing Explorer: New functionality like Outlook and OneDrive integration and the return of tabs have also appeared in the news in recent weeks.


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