May 29, 2023

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Chantal Janzen and her husband Marco take part in the domestic struggle

Chantal Janzen and her husband Marco take part in the domestic struggle

Where Chantal can cause a mess at times, her husband Marco gets upset about the mess. Nothing goes well there, but the fact that he’s sometimes guilty of letting things go. She described this behavior as “nicely paradoxical”. “He’s the guy who built something ‘very cool’ from Lego with the boys and then tells me not to clean it. Is there such a building on the floor in the middle of the kitchen for weeks. Then it saddens me to clean it up anyway, so clumsy.” The presenter has now come up with a “solution” to this, because while vacuuming – which she does every day – she sometimes sucks a piece or two of Lego.

The house fight between Chantal and Marco also regularly breaks out in the kitchen. Because in addition to the fact that Chantal is not a kitchen princess, she also makes no effort to tidy up her groceries. “I just put groceries and dishes in the fridge and the dishwasher, and there is no system inside. It will be clean or cold, whatever it is. Marco thinks differently: he wants everything to be neat and he likes an overview. – He rearranges everything,” Chantal said. Again because he can’t act my way.”

In addition to kitchen annoyances, Chantal can also say a little about the bedroom:

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