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Microsoft appears to be adding Chrome browser support to Bing Chat. This makes the Bing-supported version of ChatGPT no longer only usable in Edge, but also in the Google browser. There will also be support for Safari.

Windows latest Access to Bing AI on Chrome and be able to use the smart assistant there. The site previously wrote that Microsoft I tried Using Bing in Safari.

Previously, Bing AI or Bing Chat was only available to signed-in Edge users. While the browser is based on Chromium, Bing Chat does not work on browsers other than Edge. However, the Chromium Vivaldi browser recently changed its User agent from his browser in Edge when users visited Bing, so they could also chat with the assistant on Vivaldi. However, official support for Chrome was missing.

Functionality is limited on Chrome. Users can only send a maximum of five messages per conversation, compared to 30 in Edge. Also, the number of characters is limited; That’s only 2,000 in Chrome, which is half the maximum number of characters supported in Edge. According to Windows Central, pop-ups appear regularly that direct users to Edge.

Bing Chat is also getting a native dark mode. It mainly consists of black colors with blue accents. Users can set whether to set the light or dark mode, or the system default.

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