Microsoft ends the free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 or 11 – Computer – News

The 7820X happens to be the CPU for Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2, what a huge coincidence that this is the only 7th generation or older processor supported. :s):+ /s
Additionally, the 8th generation (which MS fully supports) is nothing more than an update to Skylake with some extra cores, and this generation does not support new instruction sets similar to Skylake.
I’ve said it before in articles about Windows 11 and I still stand by it, in my opinion it’s a completely arbitrary restriction imposed where they simply looked at a spec sheet and said “we don’t support anything older than X years”. “, then another employee comes in and reports that their Surface Studio 2 has been excluded, to which MS says “Oh, we’ll make an exception for this CPU”.

Especially in today’s times where the environment is more important than ever, and computers are lasting longer while remaining fast enough, I still think this is a bad thing at this point. We will soon be receiving a bucket of e-waste from computers that are only about 6.5-7 years old and could have been doing their job for years to come, and then regularly complain about the lack of Android updates, but it’s exactly the same, or, worse yet, not. Windows, due to its open nature, is more sensitive to vulnerabilities when it is not kept up to date with security updates. No, Linux is not a realistic option for 99% of users.

Windows 10 will soon become a much bigger issue than Windows XP in the consumer circle if MS maintains its footing, especially in poorer countries where older hardware is active for longer. It would be a credit to them if they expanded Windows 11 support a little to include at least all 6th and 7th generation Core I processors (and 1st generation ZEN) or provided Windows 10 with security updates until at least 2027-2028.

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