Messi exits the final match of 2023 early

Messi exits the final match of 2023 early

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Lionel Messi’s action-packed year has come to an end.

Messi, the World Cup champion and Inter Miami star, did not score any goals and appeared to re-injure his right leg in his final match of 2023. But his team was still victorious.

Nicolas Otamendi headed home a goal in the 64th minute to lead Argentina to a 1-0 victory over Brazil in a 2026 World Cup qualifier on Tuesday evening at the famous Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

It was an eventful outing at the Maracanã, as Messi and Argentina lost the 2014 World Cup to Germany, but won the 2021 Copa America.

Argentina handed Brazil their first ever home defeat in a World Cup qualifier in what could have been Messi’s final match at the historic Brazilian stadium, although fighting in the stands caused a delay in the match.

“We needed this win after the defeat to Uruguay,” Messi said after the match. We knew it would be a difficult match, similar to the Copa America final. They pressed a lot, they went looking for us up there and it was difficult for us to have long possessions. These games are defined by detail.”

Messi entered the match as the all-time leader with 31 goals in CONMEBOL matches, but none against Brazil. He was unable to change this difference in the 77th minute, and left the match as a substitute.

It appeared that Messi injured his right leg in the first half against Brazil. The right quadriceps muscle was assessed by a trainer on the sideline during the 28 daysy Minutes into the game, but he stayed in the game.

It is unclear whether the injury caused Messi – who has been slowed by a similar injury to his right leg that kept him out of six matches for Inter Miami and a qualifying match in September – to leave the game early.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni said in his post-match press conference: “Leo is the only player in the world who can be on the field in the conditions he is playing in today. He did it to the best of his ability and helped the team.”

Messi said that he “felt the injury at the beginning of the match, but I dealt with it. It was not (serious), and I hope to come back stronger.”

The match was delayed for at least 25 minutes due to a fight in the stands. Messi and his teammates in the Argentine team jumped over a barrier to head towards a section where the police mediated the fighting fans before the match.

Messi led his Argentine team back into the locker room after the altercation had subsided, and the match scheduled for 7:30 PM ET began shortly after 7:55 PM ET.

Messi made a mistake in the first minute of the match, and only took one shot in the match, which was with his left shoe, which collided with a Brazilian defender just minutes before the decisive goal.

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Otamendi rose above two Brazilian defenders to send a corner kick executed by Giovani Lo Celso into the net.

Argentina has 15 points after six CONMEBOL matches in September, October and November.

Messi is at the end of his distinguished career, having reached the pinnacle of winning the World Cup with Argentina last December, and his huge move from Paris Saint-Germain to Inter Miami this year.

Earlier on Tuesday, Inter Miami denied its involvement in a possible match that could see Messi face his rival Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia early next year.

Now, Messi turns his attention to some much-deserved rest and relaxation for the rest of the year before returning to Inter Miami for training camp in January.

The start of the Argentina-Brazil match was delayed on Tuesday due to a crisis in the stands at the famous Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Play began shortly after 7:55 PM ET, although the Argentina vs. Brazil match was scheduled to start at 7:30 PM ET and broadcast by Telemundo.

The police separated a section of fans due to the quarrel before the match, which prompted Lionel Messi and members of the Argentine national team to approach the stands. Messi and his colleagues crossed a barrier to head towards the stands in the section where the police were intervening.

Messi and his teammates left the area near the stands to return to the field, but they went out to the locker rooms. It was not clear whether Argentina had returned inside to prepare to announce the team lineup before the match.

The Brazilian players remained on the field, and the Argentine team eventually returned to start the match.

As the broadcast reached the crowds, a heavy police presence was seen on the field and in the stands.

Leo Messi was substituted in Argentina’s match against Brazil in the 77th minutey minute.

His night is over.

It is not clear whether Messi felt exhausted due to an injury to the right quadriceps that he suffered from one of the coaches near the Argentine bench during the 28th minute.

But 2023 has come to an end.

Messi has failed to score a goal in his last four matches, going scoreless in what would have been his final match at the Maracanã.

Messi had not scored a goal against Brazil in a World Cup qualifier during his career when he entered Tuesday’s match. This distinction will stand.

Nicolas Otamendi was in the right place at the right time, and Argentina were ahead.

Otamendi header in the 64th minutey The first minute gave Argentina a 1-0 lead in this match.

Otamendi rose above two Brazilian defenders to take a corner kick taken by Giovani Lo Celso, which he sent into the net.

About three minutes ago, Messi did not look good, but he shot with his left foot into the net.

However, Argentina now takes the lead in the second half of this difficult match against Brazil.

Gabriel Jesus led a Brazilian attack towards the net, but Gabriel Martinelli’s right shoe was blocked by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in the 58th minute.y minute.

The second half saw strong play from both Argentina and Brazil, just like the first half and pre-match battles in this match.

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Both sides have 30 minutes remaining to settle this matter.

Brazilian player Bruno Guimarães had a chance from a free kick, but the Brazilians were unable to take advantage of the opportunity in the 38th minute.y minute.

Rafinha, Barcelona’s prominent star in the Spanish League, executed a kick from outside the penalty area that went over the crossbar.

After one sequence after a corner kick, Brazil’s Marquinhos also missed a header near the net.

Leo Messi was shown having his right upper quadriceps assessed by a coach near the Argentine bench during the 28th minute of the match.

Messi recently recovered from an injury to his right leg that hindered him last September, and he missed six matches with Inter Miami and an Argentine match.

Messi remained in the game after being assessed on the bench for approximately two minutes.

However, it is still something to keep an eye on based on Messi’s recent injury.

Messi and Argentina have three shot attempts in this match. The Brazilians have more than twice that in fouls.

Brazil received seven fouls and two yellow cards, while Argentina received only two fouls in the first 15 minutes of this match. Both sides added a foul each in the next two minutes.

Gabriel Jesus and Rafinha were shown early yellow cards for Brazil.

Messi started the match with an error of his own in the first minute, and created the first two shots for Argentina in the ninth minute.

Argentina vs Brazil preview

No one has scored more goals than Lionel Messi in South American World Cup qualifiers.

Messi scored 31 goals during his career in CONMEBOL matches, but he has yet to score against Brazil.

Messi, the World Cup champion and Inter Miami star in Major League Soccer, has a chance to change that difference in Tuesday night’s match between Argentina and Brazil at the famous Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Argentina suffered its first loss in nearly a year after losing to Uruguay 2-0 last Thursday. Messi did not score in his last three matches.

But Argentina will not take the Brazilian national team seriously. The Brazilians will be without stars Neymar (torn ACL), Vinicius Junior (hamstring) and Casemiro (hamstring) for Tuesday night’s match.

“They have big absences, but if you look at the team, they are all at the highest level.” Argentine coach Luis Scaloni said During a press conference on Monday. He added: “They have great players who are able to do the job, which is Brazil. Everyone knows what that means.”

News that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could play together next year has been met with global excitement, but Inter Miami refuted Tuesday’s announcement that they will play in Saudi Arabia.

Inter Miami said in a statement: “Earlier today, an announcement was made stating that Inter Miami FC is scheduled to play in the Riyadh Season Cup. This is inaccurate.”

It was announced that Messi and Inter Miami will face Ronaldo and Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia in February.

Here’s more on Tuesday’s Messi and Ronaldo news.

Messi will play in what could be his final match at the famous Brazilian stadium, as he looks to score his first goal in the qualifiers against Brazil, in a place that has provided both heartbreak and joy for football’s biggest star.

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Messi suffered one of the biggest losses of his career, the 2014 World Cup final against Germany at the Maracana Stadium. He also led Argentina to the 2021 Copa America title, his first title with the national team, at the same stadium.

Messi is at the end of his distinguished career, having reached the pinnacle of winning the World Cup with Argentina since last December with the American club Inter Miami, and is competing with his national team for the qualifying matches this fall.

This is Messi’s last match for 2023

2023 has been an exciting year for Leo Messi.

The Argentine legend started the year celebrating his World Cup victory in Qatar last December, then ended his turbulent career with Paris Saint-Germain and joined Inter Miami in Major League Soccer.

Messi had planned his off-season for at least a month. He said in an interview after scoring two goals against Peru last month that he planned to spend a vacation in Argentina.

“This will be the first time in a while that I will spend so many days here in December during the holiday in peace with my people.” Messi said. “In January I will return, and I will do a preparatory period starting from scratch and prepare myself as best as I can, as always.”

Messi and Argentina lose their first match since the World Cup last week

Messi and Argentina lost 2-0 to Uruguay last Thursday, their first loss since the World Cup in Qatar last December.

This was Argentina’s first loss in nearly a year, since its 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the World Cup on November 22, 2022.

Argentina have not given up a goal to their opponents in eight matches – four friendlies and four qualifiers – since their thrilling victory over France in the final.

The goal streak of Argentine Emiliano Martinez, who scored 751 minutes during the match, ended.

Messi has not scored in his last three matches

Messi did not score any goals in his last three matches, after scoring in 32 matchesSecond abbreviation And 42Second abbreviation Minutes in Argentina’s 2-0 win over Peru on October 17.

Messi did not score in Inter Miami’s season final against Charlotte on October 21, or in Inter Miami’s friendly match against New York City FC to honor his eighth Ballon d’Or on November 10.

He also did not score in Argentina’s loss to Uruguay last Thursday.

What is the CONMEBOL ranking?

Argentina is still at the top of the South American qualifiers, while Brazil is in the middle of the group.

Argentina leads the group of 10 teams with 12 points from five matches. Uruguay ranks second with 10 points. Colombia has nine and Venezuela has eight. Brazil seven points. Ecuador, Paraguay and Chile each have five points. Bolivia has three and Peru has one point.

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