Sonos is launching not only a competitor to the AirPods, but also to the Apple TV

Sonos is launching not only a competitor to the AirPods, but also to the Apple TV

Sonos will likely launch its first wireless headphones in April, but it won’t stop there until next year. The headphone manufacturer is coming up with more new products. This will also include a TV set-top box, which Sonos will compete with Apple TV and Google Chromecast, among other devices.

Sonos already hinted last week at the arrival of its long-awaited first headphones. Wireless speaker access According to Bloomberg It will go on sale in April and its price will range between $400 and $500. Sonos headphones appear to be a direct competitor to the AirPods Max and wireless headphones from Bose and Sony. Sonos speakers will also support voice control, just like soundbars.

According to Bloomberg, Sonos is also developing AirPods-like earplugs, but it’s not yet clear when these earplugs will hit the market.

TV set-top box

Other Sonos plans have now also been leaked. For example, the company wants to launch a TV set-top box at the end of next year, as an alternative to Apple TV and Roku and Google Chromecast media players. Sonos charges $150 to $200 for the TV box, which should come with apps for popular streaming services, including Netflix.

The set-top box works with Android and can stream videos to your TV. The TV cabinet can also serve as a central hub for other Sonos devices. According to Bloomberg, Sonos is talking to providers about offering live TV channels and is exploring its own video service. The new device will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, among others, for “immersive surround sound.” In addition, the TV box has voice control.

New Sonos speakers

In addition, Sonos will launch new speakers and new versions of the Era 100 speaker and Sonos Roam portable speaker next year. Sonos is also developing new in-ceiling speakers and speakers aimed at professional installers.

The company also has plans to revamp voice control and improve its apps for iPhone and Android.

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