Meilandjes won’t put up a sales sign in the park at the moment: ‘They’re good’

Meilandjes won't put up a sales sign in the park at the moment: 'They're good'

Although Martin and his family also entertain fans at Code Rosé, it didn’t start at their former home in Noordwijk. They are constantly harassed. “There was a small roundabout in front of that house, so these people took the roundabout and stopped. And then, well… it was impossible,” explains Martin. Also, their neighbors have gone crazy and that’s why they have no choice but to move.

And moving is something Martin has been doing his whole life. Although he won’t be going anywhere for a while: “We’re in a good place. We won’t buy anything anymore at the moment. It’s very nice there.”

On Aran’s tour, the two visit the house where daughters Maxime and Montana were born. “That was a completely different time,” Dee says. Chateau MeylandA star at the time. “Then we competed I’m leaving, in 2006 and again in 2007. This was indeed a big change. Who’s coming on TV with a show? (…) I still often think: How could life be this way?’

When Martine recalls the evening they were allowed to take home the Golden Televizier ring, he becomes emotional: “I think it’s very special. (…) And also because you experience such a feat on TV ‘in later life’.”

Although everyone in Holland knows the Meyland family after that evening, the family escapes all the madness: they are still living in France at the time. “After that broadcast, we just had to serve breakfast in the palace, and people came again,” he recalls.

Earlier, Donny Rolvink also rode with Aran. Watch that episode below.

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